Jackie Gerrard
Psychotherapy in Elstree

Consultations and Supervision

I offer assessments for therapy as some people may require a different sort of therapy from that which I offer.

This consultation is an opportunity to explore your difficulties and discover what is the best kind of help for you. Through a large collegiate network I am usually able to find the therapy that would be most suited to your needs. An appointment for a consultation would normally last up to an hour and a half.

I am a Training Therapist and Training Supervisor for the British Psychotherapy Foundation and other organisations (including the Tavistock Institute) and have worked for many years as a Supervisor, both to counsellors and psychotherapists in training and to those who are already qualified. I believe my style of supervision is non-judgemental and also, where possible, I will try to link theory and practice. This may well include giving a supervisee an appropriate chapter or paper to read, when it is relevant to their client work.

I usually see supervisees on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Recent testimonies from two of them read as follows: "Thank you for your interest, understanding, thoughtfulness, compassion, knowledge and wisdom..... and for your love and humour." "It has been a great privilege to have you as our Supervisor and a fantastic learning opportunity."

From time to time I give papers to counsellors and psychotherapists. When I did so in the USA, the feedback was extremely positive. For instance: "her voice clearly reflected her authentic and sincere respect for her patients and the kind of nuanced tact and interpretation that comes with experience". Some comments on my recently published paper: 'Hopelessness in the Analysis' have been: " loved this paper" and "it speaks to me immediately".

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